14th @ Irving

Building Uses/Tenancy

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14th @ Irving Building Breakdown



Food Hall


The Food Hall will enhance the street life and activate the mid-block area on 14th Street between 3rd and 4th avenues. Food and other vendors will provide amenities to the local community and the building tenants. 25% of all booths will be reserved for first time, local entrepreneurs and new businesses. The event space within the building will also provide catering opportunities to help support these new businesses while the digital skills training center will provide access to training to both vendors and employees.


Civic Hall



Civic Hall is a community and collaborative work and event center connecting people and organizations with opportunities to work together to advance the use of technology for the public good. It provides a central location for technology, thought and entrepreneurship where change-makers, government employees, academics, journalists, and artists gather to share knowledge, build tools, and solve public interest problems together. Since opening in February 2015, Civic Hall has over 1,000 individual members, 150 organizational members, and has had over 60,000 people attend their events.

Key organizational members and supporters include: Ford Foundation, Robin Hood Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, New York Public Library, Mayor's Office of Innovation, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer's Office, CSNYC, and many others.


Digital Skills Training Center

Short term (1-6 months) technology job training will provide pathways to quality jobs for students, teachers, immigrants, and other currently underserved NYC populations.

Participating organizations will share curriculum, teachers, resources, and data to support each other and the larger New York City workforce development community. Partners in the project provide low- or no-cost training to underserved communities. 

Partners include: Per Scholas, Fedcap, CSNYC, CUNY, General Assembly, Mouse, Access Code, and others.


Event SPace

Civic Hall will manage a flexible event space with capacity for up to 250 attendees. The space will be used for a variety of events associated with Civic Hall's general activities. The event space will also be made available at low or no cost to non-profits and the local community a minimum of 32 times per year.

An example of some recent and upcoming Civic Hall Events: Girls for Gender Equity Teach-In, Mayor's Office of Workforce Development Internship Info Session, FWD.us I Stand With Immigrants Advocacy Workshop, The Ripple's How To Be An Ally To Black Women, AppNexus Women's Leadership Forum, and the Black Girls Code Hackathon.


Step Up Offices


The Step Up Office space is geared towards companies that cannot get approved or do not have the balance sheet to afford long term market rate leases. These pre-built offices will be focused on companies that are ready to graduate from Civic Hall, incubators, or traditional co-working spaces and move to their own private offices. The spaces will be targeted toward companies with  5-15 employees and will provide shared communal spaces  (conference rooms, lunch areas, reception areas, etc.) to help reduce overall cost. This type of office space fills a much needed void in the commercial market for transitional office space in prime New York City locations.


Traditional Offices


The Traditional Office Space on the top of the building is targeted towards Established Tech Companies that share the project’s mission and vision. In order to promote career progression, tenants in these spaces will be working with the digital skills training center educators to help tailor their curriculums and ultimately hire their graduates. These offices will also be made available to organizations that have grown out of the flexible Step Up office space below in order to promote the progression of organizations out of transition space into more traditional space within the building. Together, the project elements deliver a center for civic technology, a pathway to good jobs for all New Yorkers, and a platform for growing local start-ups.